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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Foodie Experiments: Tuna Crunch Surprise

A tangy, refreshing, tasty treat full of proteins and vitamins. I made this one when I had to monitor my son's health.


2 cans of Century Tuna Chunks
1 pack of Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits
1 bottle Kewpie Japanese style Mayonaisse
2 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/2 Onion, finely chopped
1 small bag of Croutons
iodized salt
finely ground black pepper

Heat up about 1 tablespoon of cooking oil then add the garlic.
after a few seconds (before the garlic turns brown), add the tuna chunks, separating and mixing them as you would with canned corned beef.
Pour in half of the juice from the pineapple tidbits pack into the pan. Dispose of the rest of the liquid, then add the pineapple tidbits. Mix until some of the tidbits shows signs of caramelizing.
Add the onions, a dash of iodized salt and a dash of black pepper.

Transfer to a bowl, add the mayonaisse and mix thoroughly.
Add the croutons as needed while mixing.

This dish is a filling healthy snack, or viand.

You can add lettuce if you want.

I prefer this served from the fridge if its served as a snack. Also goes well with potato chips.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Honey Honey Maid Cafe @ Akihabara

I am in that age where in I don`t like it when people make a fuss about me....aaaaannnd I already had my fill of all that kitschy "anime-like-maid-moe-moe-kyun-kyuuuun" stuff. Also, the recent trend of Akihabara maid cafes turning into tourist and date hotspots has turned me off to the whole maid cafe thing.

Oh I miss the days of maid cafes like in Kanokon or Densha Otoko.

But lo and behold! A friend of mine in Tokyo suggested we go to this maid cafe which fits my needs. Its not a date hotspot, and some of their patrons are legit otakus (from what I remember in Densha Otoko), business guys, and girls who want to try the maid get-up menu. Minus all that maid rituals moe-moe-kyuuuuuun...eheh! shit. Just the base experience of being a 'Goshujin' (master) for a day with refined maidens to serve your morsel for the day.

Its called "Honey Honey" maid cafe and dining. Its off the beaten track around Chuo Doori but still accessible. And you are not allowed to take pictures of the "maids". Maybe its for the protection of the girls but its fine by me. I am tired of hearing about maid cafes where you have to dish out 1000 yen or something for every little thing like taking pictures with the maids, taking pictures of the maids,... its a maid cafe, not a freaking zoo...get with the program.

Most feedback I heard about maid cafes is that they go there for the maids and not the food. Don't expect much, the food is not one of the main focus of the business.

And thats where I was surprised. 

The meal I ordered is like a spaghetti with tomato meat sauce and spinach. And boy I was surprised to find it very par with my favorite Pasta specialty restaurant back home. And so are the other dishes. And we found the chicken in the chicken salad appetizer to be both tender and flavorful.