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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snow Cones. anyone?

In this hot weather we are perennially experiencing in the Philippines, it has become a trend among Filipinos to escape the heat...normally on summer time.

I travel to commercial destinations for the humble snow cone.

"What?!? Travel far away for just a snow cone?"

Well, people do travel to escape the heat. Why not for a snow cone? They would prepare a lot of snacks, sets of clothes, supplies, plan the outing, organize things...just to escape the heat...and come back home exhausted. I do have the same needs, I love to travel, but there are times that I would like to refresh myself without the hassles of setting up an outing. I could just take the 5 min. cab ride to the nearest outlet and wallah...instant refreshing experience.

Now, I take the fruity flavors of snow cones over ice cream anyday. Ice creams are based on milk, which refreshes you momentarily, but you end up generating more internal heat due to the fat. The fructose is a naturally refreshing sugar base which doen't necessarily generate as much fat content as its milk counterpart.

As for places to get them, there are two places within the Makati area which I frequent. There's the snowcone stall at the ground floor of SM Makati, its own mix, and SnowCone in Market! Market!. The prces do differ...and so does the portions, it all comes down to what your immediate needs are.

If you go for quantity...the consumption of more ice than what your sensitive teeth can handle, I recommend the SM Makati branch. Its cheaper by 10 to 14 pesos, and its serve in a large cone, almost like a martini glass. So when I go to SM Makati, everytime I say "I want to stop for an iced martini", it usually means I want to go get some of that snow cone...or get really drunk.

If flavor is what you want, you'll get all that fruity sweetness at the ground floor of Market!Market, near the activity circle. Its a bit more expensive than the one at SM, in a more manageable serving size, like a regular sized softdrink serving, but it packs a lot os flavor in them.

So when in the neighborhood, do stop by for some iced martini...

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