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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bo's Coffee Club's Big Breakfast

Looking for a heavy breakfast after jogging around Serendra/ High Street? My wife and I happened to chance upon an entry in Bo's Coffee Club 'All Day Breakfast'. Now there's a lot who claim to have big, heavy breakfast but falls short of our expectations to live up to its definition. But with Bo's Big Breakfast, you are sure to be filled with the home-cooked variety of breakfast, none of that artificial chemical mixed to appear like a home-cooked breakfast.

The price is a bit on the up side (P250++) but you do get 4 big slices of crispy bacon, 4 sausages, and generous portions of scambled eggs and corned beef... along with 4 slices of toasted bread and Bo's own brewed coffee. The portions of the viands are enough to get you through 2 more extra servings of toasted bread, which is not available but if you can respectfully coax the staff to sell you some, you could get them for P30 per serving.

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  1. not bad for the price, we'll try this soon man!