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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mish-Mash: Sisig with Kimchi

If you ever find yourself in Robinson's Pioneer, here's another mish-mash you can do in the food court.

You first get an order of pork sisig from Sisig Hooray and follow up with 2 orders of kimchi from 'Kim n' Chi'.

Now this mix and mash is not for everyone. I just happen to love kimchi. But if you ever try this, you will marvel at the flavors playing around in your mouth. The salty, meaty crunch of the sisig will be augmented with the sour-spicy, veggie crunch of kimchi.

The same combination is used in local cuisine when you find a lechon or any grilled or fried meat combined with a concoction of sour mix of green mangoes, onion and tomatoes called ensalada.

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