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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kalbi: Mexican-Korean Fusion Fastfood

Having quite a hunger pang one day, I dropped by Glorietta in Makati City to get some grub. Seeing a Mexican Fastfood joint, I started to make a bee-line for that establishment.

To my surprise, while they are serving Quesadillas and other Mexican dishes are Korean favorites.
Huh? Is this some kind of warped combo platter?  I love Mexican food, and I am also quite fond of Korean cuisine. While both are quite spicy (depending on the dish) Korean food, to me, seems to offer more tang and zest.

Chowing down on my Tacos and Quesadillas, I was surprised to find out that its not ground beef with a familiar mix of tomatoes and salsa, but Korean style beef and Kimchi, cooked in Mexican style along with the Tortillas.

Being fond of Kimchi, I welcomed the surprise. But the texture of Korean style braised beef took a while to get used to. Actually, I'm not quite fond of it, but I do admire the style and methods made to develop this fusion. The flavors do complement each other, but the texture of the beef seems quite amiss (maybe I should have selected the pork instead).

And eat it while its hot, the texture of the Korean style beef juice in the tortillas are not as enticing if laid out for too long.

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