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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Japanese Style Spicy Spaghetti at Cafe Kitchen Aroma

Out to meet the host company's boss in Japan, He invited us to a cozy but modern restaurant near the office called ' Cafe Kitchen Aroma'. On the top of the menu are a list of specialty pastas they offer. I was intrigued with the Japanese Spicy Spaghetti.

Now, I eat a lot of 'Filipino Style Sweet Spaghetti', and one of my faves in a local restaurant in the Philippines is called 'Vietnamese Spicy Spaghetti'. Seeing that there is a Japanese style got me curious.

An interesting mix of Japanese dashi (broth) cooked chicken meat and spicy Italian pasta. Adding color and texture to the dish are Edamame beans. These beans are usually served as finger food along with beer. Surprisingly, the beans don't feel out of place with the sauce/broth and calms in between the spicy flavor in the spaghetti.

You can sample this fine fusion dish at Cafe Kitchen Aroma located along the main road from Funabashi Station at Honchou City, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture.