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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kuwano Shinsuke Style Steak Set: Remix version

Going out for some groceries this Saturday, I happened to go across their select steaks cuts. Remembering how Kuwano Shinsuke prepares his steak from the J-drama series "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko", I decided to do a steak experiment. And what an expensive experiment...I have splurged a bit for the steaks.

A Kuwano Shinsuke-style steak simply involves adding pepper and rock salt to the meat and lightly frying it on a medium heat.

For this experiment, I planned to fry and cook it thoroughly, since I don't like steaks cooked medium rare (as I found out when I dined out at Lala Port).

Heat up the oil, mixing it with 5-pepper spice and Magic Salt seasoning. As the oil comes to a boil, add the seasoned meat into the pan. Cook in medium heat, placing the lid to let the steam and juice cook it, sealing in the flavor as the cooking dogma goes.

After turning the meat over, add a pouch of garlic-mushroom steak sauce. I know that the steak sauce is added after the steak is cooked, but I rather have the flavor cooked into the meat rather than having the sauce dripping off it, having first dibs on my taste buds.

This style of steak goes well with other sour sauce based food, like Italian style spaghetti, and a side dish of fresh cucumber slices.

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  1. I recently started enjoying medium well steak. I used to cringe at the mere sight of red but have come to love its juiciness in contrast with the dryness of well done meat..looks yummy