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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Traditional Japanese Dining Experience at Sugi

I tell this to all my friends. If you want to experience traditional Japanese cusine, I recommend they try out the 'washitsu' (traditional room) package at Sugi located in Greenbelt 3.

You have to make a reservation in advance and there is a minimum consumption requirement of P3000 (that means your bill has to total at least P3000 or else the sushi chef will cut you in maki sized portions...hehehe just kidding).

Sugi has become my favorite traditional Japanese restaurant. Their sushi and maki are authentic tasting, not adjusted to the Filipino's taste, and their bacon asparagus maki is simply addictive.

If you ever plan to go out for some traditional Japanese cusine, I suggest Sugi. If you're going to Sugi, I recommend you try the traditional tatami room. It is sure to enhance your dining experience.

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