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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Never Again: Frozen Grapes

There's a "buy 1 kilo of seedless black grapes take 1 kilo of crimson grapes for free" promo in SM Makati Supermarket for P250++ this morning...I don't know how long it would last though.

So all you grapes enthusiasts out there go grab your share. Not to worry, the taste and quality of these grapes are good. I got one myself.

Now, I have 1 kilo of crimson grapes all to myself... and I do love cold, crispy why not take it a step faster by putting these babies in the freezer.

Minutes later, the upper layer of grapes were frozen.

And with a bite, the texture of the fruit was ruined. The sweentess is also toned down a bit. Now I know I'm never gonna do that again.

Now you know.

"I do these senseless, stupid things so you don't have to do them." -Sloan, internet radio DJ

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