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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featured Dish: Sugi's Bacon Asparagus Maki

Recently I was able to return to my fave restaurant, Sugi, for a birthday lunch with my folks. I always babble about my fave dish there, the 'Bacon Asparagus Maki'.

Now there are a lot of reasons why this is my fave dish. one of which is the bacon. Everyone loves bacon...well, maybe except the Muslims...and other religious sects that exclude this from their diet. The chefs at Sugi cooks this tasty treat in a way that the bacon is fried to crispy perfection, without searing the asparagus that much. The bacon is made juicy by the fried asparagus, which, due to its bland and fresh taste, adapts to the flavor which oozes out during the cooking process.

The soy sauce based dip adds to the flavor but it also increases the saltiness of the dish. There are times that this is a good thing but too much of such flavor can also be bad for you. So ease up on the dip.

So next time you are in Greenbelt 2, drop by Sugi and give this morsel a try.

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