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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Featured Dish: Teriyaki Boy's Philadelphia Cheese Steak Maki

"A Japanese take on an American tradition"

This is the tagline on Teriyaki Boy's menu describing their dish the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Maki.

This dish caught my attention on my recent trip to that restaurant so I thought to try ot out.

Imagine thin slices of beef, together with Philadelphia Cheese and succulent veggies, in Japanese Nori, all wrapped in vinegared rice. Just like a normal maki. This combination is then topped with torch melted cheese and served with a cheesy, creamy dip.

This dish is already like an express set meal, with the veal and rice packed together for speed and ease of consumption.

I must say this is such a sumptuous combination, with the cheese and the vegetables complementing each other. I only wish that they pack in a longer slice of beef. The sometimes measly portion of meat is sometimes overpowered by the taste of the rice and the veggies. So I recommend ordering another meat entree to complete the desired taste.

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