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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dynamite Maki and Death Sticks

Dynamite Maki

A day of chili's and cheese filled my Sunday afternoon as my wife and I experimented with the before mentioned ingredients. We were planning to make Dynamites back then, but the shortage of those dimsum wrappers thwarted our plans. My wife suddenly remembered the Dynamite Maki which she and my mother experimented with a few months ago.

Its the same stuffing as the regular Dynamite; green chili, cheese and sliced ham, but this time, it is wrapped in flattened white bread. To add a little twist, my wife added some spaghetti sauce and dipped the Dynamite Maki in whisked eggs and 'breaded' with crushed toasted mamon (Philippine Muffin?) and deep fry in a low heat.

But the small portions of cheese, ham and chili resulted in the 'French Toast'-esque mix to subdue the flavor of the filling. To this I increased the portions of the cheese and ham...with near okay results.

Death Sticks

While paying around with the chili and the cheese, I molded some cheese to fill the halved chili's and eat it raw. It was good. Then I started to leave a little chili seed oil, now it tasted even better. I started to call them 'Death Sticks' (combination of artery blocking cheese with a jolt of capsaicin in the chili oil may cause some severe heart burn for some).

I still can't think of a wine or beverage to pair it with. The chili in the Death Stick makes it incompatible with white wine...although red wine shows promise. And no, my beer guzzling cohorts, its not spicy enough to be considered a beer mate.

(editor's note: I don't recommend consuming these things in mass quantities before going to may result in restlessness or worst...chili fueled nightmares)

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