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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mish and Mash Project: Pacific Iceberg

There is no such place which offers all of your heart's desire. May it be a type of service, goods or flavor of food. This is when I do my 'Mish and Mash'. I combine the dishes with the flavor I like, then add the dishes from another shop, which I think, can augment or accent the flavor of the main dish.

My latest 'Mish-and-Mash' adventure combines the rustic flavors of 'Chuck's' and the sweet, light flavors of 'FLV Cusine'. Both shops are a but a 'shop in between' apart, located in the basement foodcourt of Landmark in Makati City.

We first get an order of Porter steak from Chuck's. As much as possible, you should ask to seperate the gravy because they're going to drown the poor morsel in that brown delight (remember kids, too much of a good thing may turn out to be bad). Then, from their condiments counter, fill their sauce container with 3 parts ketchup and 1 part soy sauce leaving 1 part as mix space. Then on a seperate container put a few dabs of hot sauce.

Then from FLV we get an order (two orders if you're really hungry) of their 'Potato Bacon Chicken salad'.

First off, we stir the ketchup-soy sauce mix, adding the hot sauce as needed. Combine this mix with the gravy. Now use a portion to add to the steak, and the other portion of the mix with the Java rice that came with the Porter steak (thus making the 'Pacific'). Then mix the other part with the P.B.C. salad (which makes up the 'Iceberg'). Arrange the 'Iceberg' beside the 'Pacific' like you would a serving of steak with mashed potato.

With this, you will get the same enjoyment of eating steak with mashed potatoes with coleslaw, but with an added light flavor by the cheese and fruits from the salad.

Bon Apetit

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