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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mini Shabu-Shabu at High Street.

After spending almost the entire holiday season eating Italian cusine (almost every night at Old Spaghetti House, Italliani's, Sbarro), my wife thought of a short break at this place called "Mini Shabu-Shabu" at High Street.

Now I know that this place has been here for quite some time now, and I'm not gonna waste my breath trying to make a new, updated review of how the place feels like, how it looks like, because you probably can get a better review from other blogs.

What made me write about this is because we decided to try out their P200 ($4.65) meal set. This set includes the veggies, in 4 different meat sets, a generous serving of soba, and a glass of refreshing iced tea. I have to say...this is a good price for a single serving shabu-shabu meal set.

My wife got the chicken set while I opted for the Pork Sirloin meal set. Pork lovers beware...with this meal set, you get only 4 paper thin slices of pork. And when you cook it in your personal hotpot it will, just like bacon, shrink more. Needless to say you then have to fill yourself up with the veggies and soba.

It being our first time doing this by ourselves, our steward was kind (and patient) enough to teach us on what to do...and some tips on mixing the sauce to fit our taste.

The meal was good but it might not be satisfying enough for the general carnivores. It does, however, make for a good tester for those unfamiliar with shabu-shabu and how to properly do it.

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