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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a Sizzlin' Pepper Steak Christmas

I heard a lot of good things about the Sizzlin Pepper Steak Lunch from my officemates who had a short stint in Japan. I didn't paid much attention when they went bananas after it opened a branch in Makati. But upon seeing a branch in Megamall in one of our recent Christmas Eve malling, I remember the good things my officemates said and decided to give it a go.

Their branches give off that Western modern rustic feel to it, with all the earth tones, simulated wood, and exposed steel coupled with modern mood lighting that also serve as the general lighting. What makes them stand out is the way you order your food. You make a list of the food you pick out from the menu and then 'flip' the cow from "Stop" to "Mooo-ve" to let the waiting staff that you have finished with the order slip. Everytime you need something from them, just 'flip' the cow and they will come to your table. No need to raise your hand...or snap your fingers...or make those 'come here' gestures.

It seems that the menu of the Sizzlin Pepper Steak is an Asian/ Japanese take on an American cooking mindset; A healthy dose of pepper and spices on a sizzling beef entree. Intresting enough, their version of the Kani Salad involves deep fried breaded Kani sticks.

Their dishes is a bit pricey, so its better indulge on them once is a while...they are worth it. Specially the Hamburg and Karaage Steak set which is a combination of the American staple, hamburger steak, and the Japanese Chicken Karaage...all coated with your choice of Japanese-style sauce.

But they do offer Pepper Steak Rice sets that is good on the budget and served in gut-filling portions. I do favor the Sizzling Meatball Pepper Rice set for its well done meat balls, peppered rice and Italian style tomato sauce. I recommend to mix and mash this baby while the plate is still hot in order to 'cook-in' the sauce. The aroma of the sauce while its sizzling on the hot plate just increases your appetite even more.

They have amazing combinations of various cooking styles and cusine that will definetely make you come back for more.

( We definetely came back the next their branch at Tagaytay)

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