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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Niku Jaga: Home grown style

Its been a loong time since one of my cooking experiments, partly due to the past typhoons tearing up our makeshift kitchen. Well, we got a few implements up and running so I was able to do a little experiment with a Japanese dish called Niku Jaga.

Niku Jaga is essentially the Japanese version of the meat and potatoes stew. Mostly made of potatoes, carrots, minced onions and a few pieces of meat for flavoring, stewed up in sweet soy sauce. Its a Japanese staple, mostly in the winter, and usually served with white rice and miso.

But for my experiment, I was doing an expressed Niku Jaga...Pinoy style. Since me and my boy love potatoes in meat stew, I thought of making the dish with Filipino cuisine based meat stew or sauce.

Remembering the tips and steps I remembered from various anime on preparing this dish, I first tossed the crazy cut potatoes in rock salt and pepper. then saute them in oil and garlic.

With a thin coat of textured potatoes appearing, I then added the "essence of pork" cube in the mix.

after a while, I put the 'Menudo" sauce mix in water, stirred till dissolved, before adding it to the saute. I then immediately added the diced carrots and onions in the pan.

Boil until the potatoes and carrots are done.


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