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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BBQ All You Can at "Charaptor BBQ"

Last night, me and my officemates went to this place at Kamagong St. where they said we can do a barbecue-buffet-eat-all-you-can thingy for less than Php400.

The place is called "Charaptor" (play on words between 'Char' and 'Raptor'), a charcoal barbecue bar along Kamagong St., cor Aranga St. in Makati city.

The bar, with it's "Jurassic Park buffet table scene"-ish style like ambiance, offers its patrons the BBQ bar experience either in their interior dining space, or the outside dining area, which is more casual.

Each tables are fitted with its own charcoal grill and its own direct exhaust system so the smoke and steam doesn't go around fill up the place.

 Now, the buffet...

You can barbecue from a wide variety of morsels, buffet style. Take your pick, from your usual street vendor fares like tenga, isaw,.. vegetables, potatoes,... pork, beef and chicken in different kinds of barbecue mix... seafood... and various side dishes abound. As if that's not enough, they also serve rice and orange juice until you can't take in no more.

Also available are different sauces to dip your morsel after sizzling on the grill. I tried experimenting with their line of sauces, ranging from the standard to the "huh?". So far I liked the result of mixing 1/3 toyomansi (with chili) to 2/3 yakiniku sauce. But still, I am looking for that taste I experienced when I was in Kyoto.

So take that trip. doors open from Sunday to Thursday, 6pm to 11pm.

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