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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Of Food and Ethnocentricity

Recently I've been eating out with the family and friends and I notice a common occurrence in the Philippine fastfood industry.

We are all infected with our Western "masters'" ethnocentric ideals.

A lot of fastfood chains or food court establishments promise the best authentic Japanese cuisine, even naming their place "Mr. Fuji Ninja Samurai-san-something something"... and you find out they are serving Chinese or Korean staples.

I mean...what the heck?

And in one place, they serve the Tonkatsu uncut...using the wrong cut of pork...without the tonkatsu sauce. I believe the right name for your "authentic Japanese" dish is "Breaded Porkchop". Now, removing the right features for the dish, making something that somewhat looks like it, and shoving it down our gullets as if it is the real thing just shows the industry's laziness.

I mean, i'd understand if its from the West, where there is  a total shift in the cultural ideals...but these are our Asian neighbors...

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