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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cheese Omellete with Lady's Choice Mayo

A booth promoting a mayo brand at the mall gave me and wife an idea i'd like to share. We are used to adding milk, butter or plain veggie juice to make our omelettes fluffy and tasty. It never occurred to me that adding mayonnaise to the omelette mix could make it taste and feel interesting.

I studied various components for baking on a chemical level as a report in my humanities class (despite my group being a bunch of metal heads, artists and professor assigned cooking as our report). In my research, mayo in omelette is essentially like adding oil and more eggs to the mix. With eggs which primarily serve as a binder in baking, I fail to see the effects of a binder will make to another binder and make it fluffy.

To my surprise, adding Lady's Choice original blend made some difference in the texture and taste in what we were cooking. Its not that fluffy, but it was soft, with a bit of tang...a flavor not necessarily associated with omelettes.

I recommend using 2 singles pack (or two tablespoons) of Lady's Choice Mayonnaise to 3 eggs. Add a pinch of iodized salt. Keep in mind that adding too much iodized salt will flatten out the color of the whisked eggs and in turn, will make your omelettes or scrambled eggs leaner, thinner and less fluffy. As the bottom part forms and cooks, add 2 diced tomatoes and half a white onion. As the veggies cook into the liquid side of the whisked eggs, add the diced quick melt cheese then turn the half of the egg batter to close your omelette.

I assure you, this one will make for a hearty breakfast for anyone.

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