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Monday, November 13, 2017

Sushi with a twist at "Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand"

Creating a different take on sushi/ Japanese rolls is this small glass shop in SM North Edsa called Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand (tah-keh-ho-meh) or TakeHome Sushi (as I call it).

They have quite and interesting selection of rolls and rice balls that make you think "Oh, I didn't think this combination was possible". And along with your interesting mix of rolls that cater to the Filipino palette, they also offer some canned Asahi.

The jewel of their menu, in my opinion, is the Bacon Bomb. A fusion of Japanese and Western decadence as you get a rice ball of spicy salmon, with shreds of nori, wrapped in juicy bacon, and smothered in Japanese Kewpie mayo. A selection that rightfully explodes in your mouth. this alone makes me want to come back for more. This concoction is best enjoyed directly after it has been handed to you. I wouldn't recommend this as a take home since the nori would end up moist after being mixed with cooked rice, and the bacon would loose its crisp. 

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