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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mish and Mash: Spicy Beef Maki with Kani Salad

Two of the most recent addition to Tokyo-Tokyo's menu; the Spicy Beef Maki and the Kani Salad, are the subject of today's Mish and Mash Project.

The Spicy Beef Maki is a thin beef slice wrapped in vinegered rice topped with spicy sauce. It comes with its own BBQ style-like dip, but I think it tastes better with the usual soy sauce with wasabi paste.

Their Kani Salad is a mix of crab sticks, lettuce and mangoes topped with mayonnaise. One can notice immediately the absence of the usual cucumber strips, leading my wife to think this is a real 'salad approach' (bare ingredients mixed with lettuce and mayo).

This mash-up is simple... just use a portion of the Kani Salad to top off the Spicy Beef Maki. You'll get a mix of the beef flavor with the smoothness of the mangoes and mayonnaise.

The good news is, this mix and mash will only set you back about P140.

Just remembering about this dish makes my mouth water....

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