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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recipe: Spicy Pork Special

Its been a loong time, but its hard to come up with stuff if you don't have a kitchen.

Setting up a table outdoors, I am reminded of my sister's spicy gambas with bamboo shoots (If I remember correctly). So inspired with that thought, I gave it a go.

The ingredients are:

- 20 oz. of water (approx)
- 1 large Red Bell Pepper
- 4 large Green Chilis
- 4 medium sized Red Chilis
- 400 grams of ground pork
- 3 bulbs of Red Onion
- 'Patis'
- Knorr 'Magic Sarap'
- 3 large Potatoes (as a replacement for the bamboo shoots)

Put all the water in the frying pan. Slice the peppers, removing the seeds, except for the red chili. After putting the potatoes in a water bath, peel them and cut to strips.

When the water in the pan is boiling, add the ground pork. Wait for the foam of impurities to rise and remove them. And then add the potatoes. As the pork and potatoes cook, add the 'patis' in the pan. As half the water is gone, start adding the veggies and spices.

Taste the broth occasionally. Add more 'patis' and/or Knorr 'Magic Sarap' as needed. Do not wait for all the water to then the potatoes would have been overcooked.

Garnish with some more red and green chilis for texture.

Serve with a pitcher-full of iced water. Get ready for some fireworks in the mouth...enjooooy.

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