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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fave Picks: Tropical Hut Burgers

Being a fan of "Man vs Food" from the TLC channel, I am always envious of the large portions of food served in American food places. Many fastfood joints here in the Philippines boasts of "large" portions for their fare, but fail to deliver because the sizes are not really that big, or oftentimes just filled with extenders. I often heard of stories of returning expats and foreigners scoffing at the measly portions of what the "food corporations" call as "large portions". The sizes and serving presentation in the shop fronts and ad campaigns are just shining examples of the "bait and switch" practice which is common place in most local businesses.

I once went out with my college buddies to a popular fastfood joint boasting a "mega-sized' meal combo with "stuff you face with food" portions. After paying the price supposedly appropriate to the size of the meal, we all jested that its just "snack-sized" portions served on a large plate, with some of the pieces rolling around the empty spaces around the serving dish.

Although there are some joints out there that serve very large portions but label it as their gourmet selection, therefore jacking up the prices making them out of reach.

But I find solace in an establishment I had been going to since I was a kid. As far as burgers go, for me, nothing beats the old school approach of Tropical Hut. They may be not as big as other famous and highly advertised chains in the country, but their classic burger beef patties are thicker than the poopular brand and packed with the flavor of the meat...not by the spices mixed in the meat.

Nothing tends to my tired soul and invigorates me better, after a tedious or tiring activity, than a thick classic burger from my fave Tropical outlet in Shaw Blvd.

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