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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Very First "Slim Jim"

Its arrival was inevitable. We have seen it many times in 80's movies and television sitcoms. And it received must praise and adulation from one of my favorite American comic, Bill Engal.

I have finally seen and tasted the "Slim Jim". This maybe an ordinary fare for the other nations, but it never did go into full distribution here.

I was able to finally purchase one from a local Dollar Store at Market,Market Fort Bonifacio. I've been a regular there but this is the first time I saw them carry the famed meat snack.

At first, it feels like biting down on an oily leather strap. But as your teeth sink further into the meaty part, the flavor starts to explode into your mouth. The flavor I got (BBQ flavor) can be likened to a smoked pepperoni, but as a Filipino, its taste can also be similar to a native Langgonisa (Garlic Pork Sausage).

Too bad that a lone stick of Slim Jims costs a lot for a snack.

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