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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adventure Time Inspired Mega Sandwich

After helping around the house, cooking for the local town "fiesta" for 6 hours straight, I am left at the kitchen with a lot of left over ingredients.

Still the "mega sandwich" made by Jake in the cartoon series "Adventure Time" in my mind. I decided to combine a mad mix of stuff around the kitchen to make my own version.

What I ended up using were:

2 white bread (fill only as halves, so I'll be making 2 sandwiches)
garlic mayo (crushed garlic mixed with mayo and sugar)
deep fried chinese style meatloaf (embotido)
half a cup of minced red onion
half a cup of minced green chilis
pre-grated parmesan cheese
chunk bits of leftover fried chicken

First off, I make a base coating of garlic mayo. Then mix up the meatloaf with the chicken bits and lay them out on the bread. Put another coat of garlic mayo then spreading some of the onions and chilis. Give a generous dusting of pre-grated parmesan cheese. Close with the leafy parts of the lettuce topped with another coat of garlic mayo. Fold the bread then go at it Taco-style.

This is gonna be awesome!!!!


My mom taught me a way of cleaning a shrimp that I never heard of before. My brother calls it "Gutting the Shrimp".

First, use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut off the sharp end of the shrimp's snout, the one usually stabbing the hands of those sauted shrimp movices, taking along the long thread like feelers. It makes it easier to handle the shrimp and also makes a lesser mess in the cooking (and ultimately the eating) process.

Next step is using a thin, small bread knife and punch along the second scale from the tail just below the central nerve. Using the blunt edge, slowly pull the knife out, pulling with it the white, tranluscent tube with a black innards. My mom calls it the intestine because it has the waste from the previous meal by the shrimp. My brother calls it the spinal nerve. By taking it to the surface, gently pull it and you have a smelly blackj string of...something.

My mom told me it helps to make the shrimp safer to consume because eating crustasceans is really like a russian roullette. To be honest, it made handlling the shrimp better and less smelly. I don't know if all cooks prepare shrimps this way because I have had some with their hairy feelers, harpoons and black entrails still in the stew.

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