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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kodomo Resto Bar (at night, that is...)

Located at the first level of the building beside Pan de Manila in Boni circle (near the Mandaluyong city hall) is the newly opened Kodomo resto-bar.

I heard that it operates as a Japanese cusine specialty restaurant during the day, and a music bar at night.

Amidst the oriental red and black motif interiors, earth color accents, and Japanese traditional prints are good Japanese food at reasonable prices and warm, friendly waiting staff.
Although the Japanese cusine is a bit altered to suit the Filipino pallette, it still retains the essence and flavor of some of the best Japanese cooking I've gotten so far. And even with its modest prices (compared to other Japanese cusine restaurants), they didn't skimp on the ingredients, as one can see when sampling their varied customary Japanese dishes.
When checking out a Japanese resto, I always compare them with my family's favorite, the humble Kani Salad. And I'm happy to report that it passes with flying colors... both in taste and price.

The iced tea is a bit pricey though, but its not your regular watered down variety (although I'm cool with the watered down kind...its feels more refreshing).

I can't wait to return and try out the rest of the menu.

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